The Better Writing Skills newsletter

The Better Writing Skills monthly newsletter was published from 1999 to 2017.

Recent issues

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February 2017:

This is the final issue of the newsletter
A quick rant about good writing

December 2016:

"On" or "upon"?
When do we say "how many" instead of "how much"?
Do job titles need a capital letter?

November 2016:

Am I writing a report or a proposal?
Avoid buzzwords in favour of plain English

October 2016:

Is it "90%", "90 per cent" or "90 percent"?
Parentheses at the end of a sentence
The ellipsis and you (...)

September 2016:

"Thank you" or "thankyou"?
"The ATO is" or "the ATO are"?
A plain language legal glossary

August 2016:

"Thus" versus "therefore"
"All of" versus "all"
What is the plural of names like "Smith" and "Jones"?

July 2016:

'A' or 'an' before acronyms?
When do acronyms need an apostrophe-s?
How should we punctuate this sentence?

May 2016:

Using "the" in place names
Apostrophes in place names
What are RFIs, RFPs and RFQs?

April 2016:

"Come around" and "come round"
A little bit of everything
Can common abbreviations be written in lower case?

March 2016:

Pronouncing "the": Is it "thuh" or "thee"?
Is "currently" unnecessary?
Using "shall", "will", "should", "may" and "can"

February 2016:

Commas, clauses and fanboys!
How should we use commas in complex sentences?
The exotic world of Stone Age hyphens